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UV Light Air Duct Cleaning Service

At J R Air Duct Cleaning, our expertise lies in providing effective cleaning and sanitization solutions. UV light air duct cleaning services, when professionally done, provide the highest air quality. Request a quote or book now when you call us at (201) 694-5794.

UV light air duct cleaning service in Bergen County NJ

Benefits of UV Lights

If you’ve never had HVAC UV light installation before, you will be pleased with the benefits and enjoy peace of mind.

  • Say goodbye to unwelcome indoor odors such as mold or pet smells.
  • Block the spread of viruses and bacteria in your ductwork and on inside surfaces.
  • Improve family life at home.
  • Boost team satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.
Benefits of uv light air duct cleaning in Bergen County NJ

How UV Lights Work

We install the REME HALO® UV light because, in our opinion, it’s simply the best at improving the quality of your indoor air.

  • This UV light is based on the idea that sunlight is a natural disinfectant. Sunlight creates hydrogen peroxide which gets released into the air and helps to eliminate microorganisms.
  • It is powered by REME® technology exclusive to RGF Environment Group, Inc.
  • Our UV light generates tiny amounts of hydrogen peroxide in the air that circulate through your heating and cooling system.
  • REME HALO® stops viruses, mold spores, bacteria, and unpleasant smells in their tracks.
  • The REME HALO® is also a low-maintenance UV light for furnace installation. The lightbulb just needs to be changed every couple of years.

Invest in Clean Indoor Air

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You will love the peace of mind that comes with UV light air duct cleaning. J R Air Duct Cleaning proudly serves Bergen County and surrounding regions including Essex County, Passaic County, Little Ferry, Alpine, Mahwah, Verona, Montclair, Short Hills, Livingston, and more. Request a quote for HVAC duct cleaning or book now at (201) 694-5794. Don’t forget to ask about our package deals when you combine UV light installation with dryer vent cleaning or mini split cleaning. For more information, visit our FAQs.

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